Your Personal Statement Purpose

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The thing to keep in mind is the personal statement is not the place to talk about what you want to do with your life it’s most of the school’s especially the the top 20 or 30 schools have a separate question that says why do you want to go to Stanford what you plan to study what do you plan to do after you graduate so you will have a completely separate opportunity to discuss your future so that’s something that a lot of students you know it’s easy to fall back on because everyone is thinking about going away to college

And so what do I want to do and that is something that is at the forefront of most people’s minds but that’s not the focus for this essay so a few basic thoughts when you’re writing and then I will elaborate on the type of essays that people have written just to give you an idea of the range your first draft and I say first because you will write many drafts most students have written maybe one if not two draft draft them at the most when writing any paper this is an essay that might take up to five six seven even ten drafts it’s that kind of process your first draft even though the personal statement of 650 words it could be double that or even triple and that’s okay the thing to keep in mind is that you need to write a lot more to figure out what is most what you really want to say and what is most meaningful another specific about writing the essay itself is the same as saying of show don’t tell so what that means is you don’t want to just sit and describe yourself with a bunch of adjectives what you do what you want to do is to make a personal statement.

And then you want to illustrate it with a purpose if example or an anecdote specific two or three specific moments in great detail reveal a lot more about who you are than a thousand adjectives for example if you say I have a passion for our history I love going to a B and C Museum and I like to draw alright those are general statements but what would be really interesting is to have you describe a particular time when you went to an art museum describe what you experience there how long you spent there what particular painting you stare that for 15 minutes why it moved you take me inside that moment create an image that is much more powerful and reveals a lot more about who you are again then writing just a list of 10 or 15 statements all right so the big question is always what do I write about or what are some interesting topics that people write about I’ve emphasized this idea of digging deep inside yourself and trying to reveal something personal now that means something different for everyone.