What Do You Know About The College Dorm Life?

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College Dorms are many people’s first time at living away from home.Space and budget are always limited and you need to get the most out of every square foot.

College, the first real opportunity to be on your own and do what you want. Living on your own can be quite an experience. Of course you also get to have over 100 new neighbors, very limited space, and manage to get at least passing grades. No small challenge for many.

We can’t help with the studying or passing grades, but we can offer some good advice on how to decorate and help you create a functional environment for both living and learning. Most students have a limited budget too so we’ll show you how to stretch those dollars.

College Dorm Life has it’s good points and not so good points. Privacy is always an issue, safety can be an issue, and learning how to get along with your peers is your first social experiment.

Make A List of Necessities: There are must haves, nice to haves, and want to haves in every student’s list. Sort yours by priority and work from the highest to the lowest. Dual purpose takes on a whole new meaning with limited space and budgets. If at all possible, go take a look at your actual Dorm Room to see what they have as far as built in furniture and check out the layout. Might even want to take a measure tape to check amount of space available. And if it’s a double, triple, or even a four person room keep that in mind.

Create Your Budget: Everyone has a budget. This is a great time to figure out how you can live and play on a predetermined amount of money. And that includes decorating your new habitant. Start out with a list of necessities and then add in the want but don’t need items. Don’t take more than you need (like 20 pairs of jeans, or food for weeks) and figure a weekly washing cycle to keep the clothes down to a minimum. Remember you won’t have all the room you might have at home so forget the stuffed animals or that collection of Star Wars figures.

Size Does Matter: Even if you have a hefty budget, space is a limiting factor. Getting the maximum use out of every square inch is the name of the game. Even if you aren’t interested in the latest styles or colors, functionality is still important. Above all leave space for studying, after all that’s the main thrust of college. Good lighting is important too.

Time Management is A Huge Part of College Life: You’re a busy guy or gal. Places to be, studying to be done, and fun to find. But trying to balance this crazy world you just entered can be quite a challenge. College Dorm Life has many distractions and it will take a little self discipline to make sure you keep those grades up and eventually graduate. It’s a good idea to carve out some relaxing time but figure on studying time to be about 3 to 1 (every hour of class means 2-3 hours of matching study time). Try to setup a realistic schedule and stick to it.