Presenting Reasons in Essay

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Just keep it simple there are three reasons at the beginning and now you’ve got a complete sentence and you’re and you’re fine okay obviously this paragraph will be about causes and effects and how about one more and then I’m going to get you guys to do do some work here okay so I would like to discuss in this paragraph the growing concern about air pollution we said do not announce your topic just get on with it make your point in your paragraph and you’ve got this air pollution as a growing concern in my country actually I showed us this city there that’s my that is my little mistake there but that’s fine okay so now you’re no longer announcing your topic it’s a little bit more focused and it’s a better topic sentence.

So again this is the beginning of being able to write a good a good paragraph or multiple paragraphs in a longer composition like an essay or something like that okay so with that I would like you guys to do some work now with me or for me I should say okay so if Lane moderator could please put the link to the exercise in the in the chat so that everybody can can get it I’m putting a or lane is going to put a link in here for everybody to to follow in the chat and it will bring you to to this exercise here or again if you are already in smart you can just go to writing one one and go right into the exercise up here and that will take you to the exercise as well so it’s it’s the same we have we have it in the chat we’re good to go yeah okay so when you open it up you won’t be able to type on this copy on what you see so you’ve got to go into file and make a copy okay make a copy so that you can write your answers on there just like that.

And then you’ll own it and you can you can write really whatever you want on on that copy this one is this one’s mine okay so when you open it up you’ll see probably about ten sentences and all of them are topic sentences some of them are strong and some of them are weak could be could be better could be improved upon alright so your job now and again I’m going to remove myself from the screen and put on some more that happy music to help you work I would like you to look at each of these sentences and now that we’ve discussed the strong and the weak topic sentences I’d like you to go through and just identify which of these are good topic sentences and which of them are weak or need improvement and why okay so number letter A we’ll start with that one we’ll do one together.