Presentation and Style of Your Essay

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The area where you really need to keep their attention is once the essay has started you need to pay particular attention to the way that you present your arguments in paragraphs two and three and particularly in the crunch so don’t get worried about the introduction don’t try to be George Orwell if you are spectacular but if you are not please don’t worry about trying to say something original there’s not that much that you can say that is truly original that’s point one point two please take the opportunity of using that introduction to fashion your essay in the way that you want it to be read.

So if the question is perhaps a little bit vague by all means use the introduction to make it specific set out your stall indicate what you intend to do but do so succinctly don’t spend too much time on it the introduction again let me repeat should be brief and the conclusion again let me repeat should be brief if you’re going to spend a lot of time on either the introduction or the conclusion really you’re wasting time your time is best spent on that fourth paragraph on the crunch there is a view particularly in France that the conclusion should hint that there is more to be said if you want to do this by all means do but don’t spend too much time on it if there’s more to be said.

Frankly I would ask why haven’t you said it a final point that we might say before we finish this lesson is about language. But that equally is important here don’t accept what somebody says simply because they shout louder look at the evidence point that I would like to make is the value of what I call the crunch but some people might call this the thesis some people bizarrely might call this the synthesis if their following is a philosophical approach where you have thesis antithesis and then synthesis um but essentially the reason.

Now many of you may have undergone the rigors of the SAT test and you’ve learned all these extraordinary words but be careful I’m not saying don’t use extraordinary words extraordinary words are wonderful but be careful that you really know how to use them and that you’re not going to misuse them there is nothing worse than seeing the misuse of a word like ease so tarik or excoriate these words have a perfectly good and valuable meaning we don’t want it to be messed up by somebody who’s just showing off that’s the first point here the second point probably we use to back this up because what is better to have lots of words that nobody understands in your essay or to explain something which is very complicated in the language that an intelligent five-year-old or seven-year-old might actually understand I would always opt for that option I would always say please try and write clearly in a way that an intelligent child would understand you it’s much cleverer to be able to explain something complicated in simple language than to make something that is simple seem really complex you are not working for some strange dictatorial bureaucracy you are trying to explain something.